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It is with a heavy heart that I inform you my last day as a massage therapist with Straight to the Point Community Acupuncture will be Tuesday April 30th, 2013. I will be moving to Toronto, ON to embark on a new chapter of life.

This was a very difficult decision to make as I have truly enjoyed my last four years working with my incredible and eclectic Symmetry Massage Therapy family and recently Straight to the Point Community Acupuncturists. However, I find comfort in knowing that I will be leaving my treasured clients in very talented and trusting hands (pun intended).

I am referring my general clients to Dan Kasper (current study in Osteopathy), Lisa Anderson, and Kieran Stutely at Straight to the Point Massage Therapy (301 Nassau St North 204-504-7112) as well as to Brenden Woligroski (current study in Osteopathy), Julia Greening, and Matt Coppens at Straight to the Point Community Acupuncture here at 83-B Sherbrook St (204-453-7100).

If you prefer a female therapist, I am referring to Julia Greening at STTPCA, Lisa Anderson at STTPMT, and Mirtha Villacres at Meridian Massage Therapy (Stafford and Pembina 204-930-4755).

As for my lovely expecting mothers and new mothers, I am referring to my dear friend Kathy Wood at Momentum Massage Therapy (39 St. Anne's Rd 204-793-0979). Kathy specializes in pre and post natal massage, labor and delivery support therapy, as well as infant massage.

And if you haven't yet met our acupuncture/herbalists Paul Kohlmeier, Pam Buhr, and Moss Andrews here at STTPCA, they are an extremely knowledgeable and eager group of acupunks whom I have enjoyed learning from and personally benefited from their modalities.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for being a part of my practice over the last little while. You have made me the therapist I am today and I couldn't have asked for a more friendly, fun, and caring client base.

If I haven't had a chance to see you in the clinic this month, please feel free to stop by and say hello or book that last treatment as I would enjoy catching up with you.

Once again, thank you for letting me be a part of keeping you healthy and for bringing such delight to my practice and life.

Nicole Jutras, RMT


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